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Ways in Which Beginners Can Benefit from Application from Technology and Social Media

A research was taken on the normal social media intake and technology dependency as a regular user of both cases. People’s media intake starts in the morning where before waking from bed usually consists of seeing posts on their Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. According to the research, it was observed that people spent close to 455 minutes in a day consuming media and using technology. Mobile internet consumed most of our social media consumption. We spent two hours on Facebook, an hour answering texts, an hour on Instagram and three hours watching television. Further, we broke down our social media usage with user generated content in form of texts, talking, emails, blogs, social media posts, photos and other forms of media.

But the television took close to 6 hours of our time stuck on watching different channels. This made me reminisce on the moments when TV used to be the largest media consumer before being taken over by mobile media. But after the invasion of mobile phones becoming ubiquitous, the internet is slowly filling the gap. These days we spent most time on our phone than watching television. This trend has seen the fall of other forms of media such as newspapers and radio.

There are other types of media which can be assessed through the mobile phone media. This is especially with the rise of apps which one can read newspapers and listen to live online radio. 60% is the current steady rising rate of our internet consumption in the past three years. The amount of time people spend on the internet with their phones has necessitated the overall steady growth of the mobile media consumption. This has overtaken the general media consumption with the additional use of desktop in accessing internet.

Even with the midst of the fast paced mobile internet access usage, there Is still the steady dependency on the traditional forms of media. The traditional media accounts for 316 minutes a day. These traditional forms of media include the like of cinema, broadcast television, outdoor advertising have launched online versions of the operations in a competition move with mobile media.

There is the competitive sharing of consumption time between television and mobile internet. This has impacted the television broadcasting especially with the change of consumer habits and media. Brands have to strategize to engage more with consumers and assimilate into the media behavior for the growth of their bmeinesses. The ease with access to smartphones and fast growing networks are a major push factor for the changing technology and media trends.

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